Smart Projex helps your smart people move your key projects from start to finish.

Smart Projex is cloud-based, agile project software designed to make project work effective and fun in a rapidly changing environment.

Kickoff Anchor your projects to a powerful “Why?” to start smart.

A smart start motivates your team and provides a strategy for analyzing performance and change requests. Your teams will engage with more energy and focus when everyone is committed.

Resources – Protect the time, talent and money that you invest.

Smart Projex empowers your team to make resource decisions, engages your client and management frequently, and helps reduce wasted time, money, and talent.

Teamwork - Improve team effectiveness with proven Agile practices.

Frequent standing meetings keep your teams accountable for results. Periodic checkpoint meetings focus your team on the project scope, your critical deadlines, your costs, your clients, and your people.

Analytics – Improve decision making with reliable analytics

By reinventing project management from the ground up, we have created a methodology which can provide reports that tell management who is doing what work and whether they are doing it profitably, efficiently, or cost-effectively.

If you need to jump-start your projects, win more clients, meet your critical deadlines, control costs, and empower your teams, we can help.